Burette 100 ml for extractors 125-250 lt

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The 100 ml burette is the extractor part that allows the collection of both Aromatic Water and Essential Oil. It is made of Pyrex glass and has fittings and gaskets to ensure an airtight seal.

This burette is installed on steam-powered essential oil extractors with capacities between 125 and 250 liters.

How to use our Inherba Pyrex Glass Burette for 125-250 lt Extractors

  1. Connect the external circuit to the cooling circuit.

  2. Turn on the heat source and when the temperature reaches about 50°C turn on the cooling circuit.

  3. At the end of distillation, turn off the heat source.

  4. Recover the essential oil through the tap located at the bottom of the burette.

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