Funnel separator 250 ml

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The Pyrex glass funnel has a teflon tap, suitable for the separation of essential oils.

Is is used to separate the essential oil from the aromatic water after the extraction operations.

How to use the Inherba Separating Funnel to separate Essential Oils and Aromatic Water

  1. Mount the separating funnel on a stand, making sure it is stable and secure.

  2. Make sure the funnel tap is closed.

  3. Pour immiscible liquids carefully into the funnel.

  4. Gently shake the funnel to mix the liquids, turning it upside down and rotating it slowly.

  5. Let it stand until the liquids separate into two distinct layers.

  6. Slowly open the tap and allow the lower (thicker) liquid to flow into the collecting vessel. Close the tap just before the upper liquid reaches the spout.

  7. Pour the upper (less dense) liquid into another container by removing the funnel cap and pouring carefully.

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