Albrigi Luigi was founded at the end of the 1950s, at a pivotal moment in the development of Italian industry and created several lines of high-quality stainless-steel products. From respect for medicinal plants and the company's know-how in stainless steel processing, Inherba products were born. Over the years, Inherba has made a name for itself in the herbal and food sectors, proving to be a reference point especially for its essential oil extractors.

The long experience in this field and the continuous search for improvement make Inherba a reference partner. For over 30 years it has been manufacturing equipment for the processing of medicinal plants to obtain essential oils, dried products, herbal tea blends, hydroalcoholic extracts, bio extracts, blends for infusions or powders, and cold extractions of oils and juices. Inherba, dedicated to those who, by passion and profession, strive for excellence.