Jam Cooker 70 liters

This product is the ideal equipment for making jams from the comfort of your own home.

The jam cooker is equipped with a boiler with an oil-bath cavity to ensure even and regular cooking of the product while avoiding caramelization.
The boiler includes a lid equipped with paddle mixing shaft and electric control panel with related safety devices.
The structure is mounted on support frame that allows easy unloading and cleaning of the machine.
Diathermic oil and gas stove are included in the scope of supply.

How to use our Inherba Jam Cooker of 70 liters capacity

  1. Take and clean excellent fruit by removing stones to anything else inedible, insert the solid part through the dedicated grid, then insert the juice into the dedicated funnel.

  2. Heat the boiler through the gas stove, checking the level of diathermic oil in the black cavity. Power up the electrical panel and operate the mixer.

  3. Allow to cook for the desired time and then remove the equipped lid so that the jam can be removed before it cools.


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