Manual press 20 liters

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The manual press has a teel frame fixed on a wooden support base.

It is used to press officinal plants, fruits, vegetables, some seeds, dried fruits and anything else that contains juice.
Squeezing is accomplished by a manually operated plate that goes to compress the product placed inside the perforated basket. The squeezed product collects on the catch basin.
It is equipped with a movable frame to simplify cleaning operations and ensure excellent accessibility.

It is also used to squeeze components used to create macerates, grappas and liqueurs with the aim of recovering much of the maceration residue.
Some of the various products that can be processed include:
Fruits: apples, peaches, lemons, oranges, pears.
Vegetables: celery, dandelion, spinach, ribs.
Other: products derived from maceration, almonds.

How to use our Inherba Manual Press 20 liters

  1. Turn the handlebar counterclockwise until the pressing plate comes out of the basket.

  2. Unscrew the knobs and bend the press frame to 45°.

  3. Introduce the product to be processed and return the press to the working position.

  4. Turn the handle clockwise until the product is squeezed.

  5. Repeat the 4th step at intervals until the juice is exhausted.

  6. Collect the juice from the catch basin.

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