Turbo-extractor 20 liters

The turbo-extractor is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 and is realized in two different capacities: 12 and 20 liters. It comes equipped with all the components of a essential oil extractor (heating boiler, upper and lower grille, condenser, PYREX glass cooling burette, connecting pipe and instruction), to which is added a basic steel support with rod and clamp for clamping the turbo cutter, the turbo cutter and the electric plate induction.

The turbo-extractor is used for the extraction of essential oils and aromatic water from medicinal plants, seeds and roots with the aim to increase the extractive yield.
The turbo cutter reduces the raw material into small pieces, facilitating the release of essential oils, this allows you to recover all parts of the oil contained in seeds, roots and other difficult material to work with common extractor to essential oils.


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