Stainless Steel Macerator 70 liters

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The macerator is made entirely of stainless steel and is equipped with all components to carry out the maceration process.

The macerator is used to make extracts, macerates from medicinal plants, fruit, brandies and liqueurs.
It is possible to use the macerator for all fresh and dried plants by inserting them together with a solvent (water, oil, alcohol).
Thank to this product it is possible to prepare aromatic, healing and massage oils, hydroalcoholic extracts of active ingredients for thyme, helichrysum, basil and much more.

The macerator consists of: plant and extraction liquid container with rounded bottom, perforated basket for raw material loading, hermetic lid, product discharge valve and support feet.

How to use our Inherba Macerator 70 liters

  1. Insert the perforated basket filled up with the plants to be processed.

  2. Pour in the desired solvent for percolation (water, alcohol, oil).

  3. Close the lid tightly with the clamp.

  4. Wait the time required for proper maceration.

  5. Open the macerator and lift the basket to drain the plants.

  6. Open the bottom tap and recover the macerated product.

  7. Press the plants remaining in the basket to recover the residual juice.

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