Stainless Steel Percolator 7 liters

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The percolator is constructed entirely of stainless steel and is equipped with all components to be able to carry out the percolation process.

It is used for making extracts, percolating from medicinal plants.
It is possible to use the percolator for all fresh and dried plants by inserting them together with the dedicated solvent (water, oil, alcohol).
You can make aromatic, healing and massage oils, hydroalcoholic extracts of active ingredients for thyme, helichrysum, basil and many more.

How tu use our Inherba Percolator 7 liters

  1. Insert the bottom grid, then the raw material to be processed and then place the weight on top of the seedlings.

  2. Insert the desired solvent for percolation (water, alcohol, oil).

  3. Place the top grid and close the lid.

  4. Periodically draw out the solvent and pour it back into the percolator.

  5. Repeat step 4 several times depending on the type of product being processed.

  6. After the time required for percolation, extract the product obtained.

The percolator consists of: container of plants and extraction liquid, bottom grid, weight, lid, product discharge valve.

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